So many ideas...! So little motivation to even begin them, let alone complete them. I have an idea, guys! Wh- yes, again! No, I- This time for sure- Stop doubting me!
Tuesday's child is full of grace




this is the coolest thing ive seen on this website


Wait what how

what the fuck you mean how? a goddamn computer, that’s how
fuckin think this is some real bullshit like you’re confused as to how someone can hold water and a tiny ass ship are u fuckin’ kidding me
fuck u

Happy Easter!
me: what's your ethnicity
white: 10% luck 20% skill 15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure 50% pain and 100% reason to remember the name

I have just gained a new found respect for the female body. It’s not easy being a girl; it’s expensive and painful and requires maintenance! If life was an rpg and there was a pain tolerance stat, I think I would’ve shot up a few levels after this morning.